During busy holiday excursions and travel with your family, your hearing aids may suffer from wind noise interference while outdoors. Try wearing a hat with ear coverings for a quick fix, or make an appointment with us to learn more about devices that can lessen wind noise effect.

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Our office is proud to offer comprehensive hearing healthcare, from consultations and hearing evaluations, all the way to helping you pick out your hearing aid and finding the perfect fit!

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Ready to purchase a hearing aid? Our office is proud to offer a wide array of hearing aids in different styles and different technological capabilities to fit your needs!

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Welcome to Cumberland Hearing Aid Center

Cumberland Hearing Aid Center has been in business in Crossville since 1984.  The office is a comfortable, friendly place where you can be expected to be served to the best of my ability.  I am professionally committed to providing top notch service.  This office has been providing hearing help in Cumberland County for over 34 years under the previous ownership of Chuck and Pat Lovingood and is continuing under my ownership.  I provide the latest technology in hearing aids for adults eighteen and older.  I continually update my competency in hearing aid technology in order to better serve my clients. 

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I understand everyone's hearing loss is different and causes unique challenges.  To perform a proper assessment I am committed to spend as much time as necessary with each client in order to assess your individual needs, lifestyle, abilities and limitations.  Together we'll review the brands, preferences, types and styles of hearing aids available to you.

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Tennessee laws requires all new hearing aid wearers be given a 30 day trial period  to ensure you are satisfied with your hearing aids.  I provide this trial to new and experienced hearing aid wearers.  During this trial period you may need to come in for adjustments.  If necessary the trial period can be extended, and/or you may choose a different style of hearing aid and the trial will start anew at that time.  I'm not here to just sell hearing aids, but to make sure they improve your ability to hear and understand your family, friends and the environment around you. 

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Once the hearing aids have been accepted by you our journey together has just begun.  I will continue to be here for you to provide services such as regular cleanings, educational support, adjustments, repairs, and updated hearing tests as needed.  I recognize that our office hours may conflict with work schedules and am glad to meet you before or after our regular hours in order to help you to keep your job.  

Payment options through Care Credit are available, and I accept many private insurances.  Bring your insurance cards to your first appointment so your benefits can be determined.  To schedule an appointment call (931) 484-2102 and speak with the receptionist.